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We believe that working at Jordrig is above all to have an opportunity for comparison.

Comparison with colleagues who are brilliant, innovation-oriented professionals from a wide range of cultural, professional and geographical backgrounds. Our team of more than 80 agents covers a wide range of expertise to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market.
To deal with customers, who are a daily source of mutual improvement and challenge to the complexity that every single company brings with them.

Working in Jordrig means always meeting people and companies (made up of people) different in history, style and objectives.

Working at Jordrig means believing that a good consulting activity is one that brings real change to the customer and with it a continuous personal growth.

Our ideal candidate is therefore a professional with excellent interpersonal skills, flexibility, willingness and speed in learning, who loves to think and think Lean, travel and work in a dynamic team. If you think you have the right characteristics to join our team, you are welcome.


Characteristics of the employee sought

We are looking for employees who are able to sell services and products that can work for objectives and who believe in results and in their own work and economic growth.


You will have available for your growth:

•A solid company with a leading market position;
•A direct mandate and integration into a professionally structured network;
•Crm platform supplied;
•Initial and continuous training on the field, with constant updates and a reference manager coach;
•Corporate support in the generation of leads;
•Internal Back Office, highly specialized.


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