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Annonce ID: 19398
Référent: Vendeur / Acheteur
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Min. Quantité D'Ordre: Système Complet.
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Disponible depuis: 2017-11-03
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Compared to other systems, our dross press generates the highest combination of in-house drains and secondary recovery rates.
The cooling cycles are very short (typically 3 – 8 minutes).
→ Safe;
→ Easy to operate;
→ Environmentally clean;
→ Low in operating and maintenance costs;
→ Occupies very little space.
Il est conçu et construit pour répondre à chacune des exigences spéciales du client et de permettre un retour rapide sur l'
 Fully Automatic;
 Short Cycle Times;
 High Recovery Rates;
 Environmentally Clean;
 Quick R.O.I;
 Low Maintenance Costs;
 Safe to Operate;
 Increased Overall Yields;
 Sturdy and Durable Design;
 Little Space Required.
Hot dross is skimmed from the furnace into special alloy. The full dross pan is send directly to the
machine where the automatic cycle will begin. After the cycle has finished, the pan set is left to cool for approximately 1 hour before tipping. The pressed dross skulls can be stacked easily and neatly, and the metal drain ingots formed in the sow molds are returned to the melting furnaces for re-melting.
Different dross types are produced through varying factors such as cast house operation, furnace type, scrap additions, and alloy additions. It is well suited to process all
these different dross types and the versatile control system can be programmed specifically to the customer’s dross being produced. Ultimately this increases overall recovery
rates and optimizes the dross press system. With three dross presses model sizes and many different pan sets to choose from, our plant can treat dross generations from 50kg to 2,500kg (110lbs to 5500lbs) in only 1 pressing
cycle. It is successfully used in primary plants, extruders, sheet mills, die casters, secondary smelters, recyclers and
Les RÉSULTATS de la...
Typically our customers achieve:
5% to 25% secondary recovery
Les résultats qui peuvent être obtenus dépendent de la
aluminium content of dross coming out of the furnace.

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