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Venta – Nueva Máquina de la Inspección de HF/200

Frosinone, FR, Italia

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ID del anuncio: 20256
Referente: Propietario / Titular De La
Min. Cantidad De La Orden: 1
Max. Cantidad De La Orden: 1
Disponible En: 2018-01-20
Detalles De Pago: Se acordó
Detalles De Envío: Se Acordó
Método de pago:
Se acordó


The machine makes it possible to visually inspect optimally the presence of avoidance of product, temperature and glass defects.
Two basic versions are proposed:

HF /100 with a mechanical speed of 6,000 pcs/h with n. 1 operator

HF /200 with a mechanical speed of 12,000 pcs/h with 2 operators.

Both versions are fed from conveyor belt to unloading surface.


The machine consists of a casing frame in 304 S. stainless steel, on top of which a 16 mm thick aluminium plate with surface treatment is fixed for easy cleaning.

La operación

The product to be inspected from the feed is taken continuously from a horizontal conveyor belt, equipped with a group of bottle feeds to distance them.
It is then transported by a transport belt and a contrast of transparent material puts it in slow and constant rotation in front of the operator.
The observation post consists of a cabin with a black bottom equipped with lighting from above and below, which by means of n. 2 mirrors allow an adequate display without disturbing the operator.
Defective bottles are manually discarded by the operator, those accepted for inspection continue to move towards unloading.

Caja De Cambios De Formato

The machine is equipped with adjustable rails that allow the passage of bottles from Ø 10 mm to Ø 60 mm.

La parte eléctrica

Stainless steel panel complete with all the parts necessary for the correct functioning of the machine.
The machine is controlled by a compact PLC, operator keypad for reading, writing work data and alarm display.
Motor speed control via inverter, production counting by photocell output.

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