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 To become our promoter:

  • Fill in the required data
  • Terms and conditions and “I’m not a Robot”
  • Once you have finished, select “Send Affiliation Request”

  • After the affiliation procedure, if accepted by Jordrig’s unquestionable judgment, the promoter will receive the “promoter code” together with his access credentials with which you must log in from the menu at the top right.

You can then enter your affiliate area to check your earnings from the “Affiliate Area” menu as shown below:

And you will find yourself in your affiliate area

The promoter, once a client has been acquired, must inform the client that during the registration phase he has to enter in the appropriate field his promoter code that he has received by email.

This code is personal and allows Jordrig to identify and associate customers with promoters and then make payments, it will not be possible to assign a customer to a promoter without this association, so no payment will be recognized.

What the promoter must do

The promoter, having completed the procedures for registration, affiliation and received the promoter code (action indicating acceptance of the request), will have to search for new advertisers who are willing to publish their requests or offers on Jordrig, concerning their activity, all of which can only be implemented with the purchase of packages as shown on the site in the section “how do it work”?

The publication and acceptance of a customer and the content is dependent on Jordrig’s unquestionable judgement.

Jordrig DOES NOT accept the publication of advertisements containing

Coarse, obscene and/or pornographic content, references to racial, political and religious discrimination and hatred that incite violence;
Who violates intellectual property rights;
Promoting illegal substances or activities;
Promote or facilitate computer piracy activities;

establishing or facilitating any other type of illegal activity
The Promoter shall take care that customers or advertisers cannot be associated with conditions or situations that may bring out the conditions of non-publication mentioned above.

The promoter must inform the advertiser who purchases the package, that once the advertisement has been published, any possible demonstrations of interest from a future buyer will be directed to them without any management of Jordrig or the promoter, all through their email communicated at the time of registration.


The promoter will be awarded a percentage of the package value of 20%.

the promoters will take the commission ONLY on the first purchase, the commission corresponds to the promotional work they carry out, they are NOT members who take 20% of the profits of the whole operation. If they bring other new customers will have the corresponding commissions.


The payment of the fee will be made ONLY after the objectives corresponding to a number of packages have been reached, such that the amount is at least $500 Dollars.

Payment will be made within 15 days of reaching the target, failure to reach the target does not entail any payment, recession or suspension of collaboration without the achievement of the target does not entail payment.

Each Promoter must have a paypal account which must be communicated to [email protected] or, alternatively, communicate its possible methods of receiving payments that must be approved by Jordrig, which does NOT assume any responsibility for problems related to the failure to receive fees due to default of third-party credit institutions. Extremes for the receipt of fees or commissions must be entered into the affiliate area in the section Profile > Payment Setup.