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it is one of the largest B2B Provider that actually manages to cover numerous areas.

Offers the most complete range of products and information services for businesses, professionals and individuals. A depth that shows the movement of the phenomena in time and tells the story of companies, groups and individuals.

The direct presence on the markets is an essential element for the success of international development. For this reason, alongside Rahndo Consulting we decided to consolidate our presence in the countries in which we operate.

Get to know the culture of a market outlines the best way to adapt to the way we do business; a cooperative approach cleverly created by qualified matches the criteria of respect and rapid action, in line with the performance in international markets.

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Market analysis – Verification of market access – Startup and management – Project & Company management – Marketing Management – Marketing Management

Corporate clients to whom we turn

We cater to all companies in all sectors Professional studies Medium-sized enterprises Large enterprises.

The Rahndo group

JORDRIG is in partnership with  Rahndo Consulting, Moroccan multinational that has been successfully operating in more than 20 Countries in EMEA.
Get to know the culture of a market outlines the best way to adapt to the way we do business; a cooperative approach cleverly created by qualified matches the criteria of respect and rapid action, in line with the performance in international markets.

Rahndo Consulting (RC) is born in 2014 as a consulting company able to campaign customers to exploit their activities in an international business context. The first operation was about industrial delocalization of large corporate that needed start new production plant in a so logistic and financial attractive zone. For this reason RC start large market study on EMEA region in order to identify the best place where develop. So Tanger MED Platform (Morocco) represented the best evolving site where start this kind of operations. Morocco kingdom represent so attractive zone (financially and logistically) where exploit new business adventure also by considering the geographically strategic position as Africa hub and natural development for EMEA zone. So the head quarter was established in Casablanca, Moroccan financial capital. After some first operations more EU customer, in different sectors, started to develop commercial activities by using RC capabilities, also directly on Morocco than on other countries where business was carried. More projects done during the first 3 years placed RC in a trust zone as reference on the EMEA zone. Working with Governmental and Diplomatics environment company have consolidated relationship and created solid network with international partners that operated under RC management and work style. In last 2 years RC invested 80% of past revenues in developing new strategy. By acquiring new asset, creating new startup, doing new projects and chancing
marketing and commercial style. New sectors are developed through the new structure and policy will be to develop other sector/market by using same methodology. RC will be directly involved in a target business by acquiring new competence and capabilities.


Actual RC structure are explained in following image.

✔ Consulting in Internationalization, Audit and Asset Management
✔ ICT and Cyber Security
✔ Industrial Supply (Metallurgic industry) and Automation
✔ Secondary Raw Material production and trading
✔ Ecology Project M anagement (depollution, env. remediation, wast
✔ Agribusiness
✔ Oil&Gas Commodities brokering
✔ Health Care Services and Supply



Each Division/Team is expert in the specific work and all operations are harmonized and fluent on each process. The group operate following co-working model that is consolidated in years of experience. Working style is internally smart and informal but rigorous with external relationship and ISO9001:2008 lines are already applied. All people take advantage of all new technologies and innovative working models in order to optimize management flow to reach the goal.



With worldwide web coverage, it is the solution for B2B Business. Thanks to the endless internet and web capabilities, it has developed a network of: suppliers, buyers and consultants able to cover multiple sectors and needs. The processes of qualification, certification, agreements and agreements are according to international standards, respecting figures and roles, always recognizing the right value of a negotiation. Operating in the web through serious partners, we are able to offer: E-market, Industrial Engines, Stock Trader, Virtual showroom, International Business Bridge.

Global Trading Automation has been incorporated in 2016 to facilitate the international market developping in the Automation industry for a well known automation firm sit in Italy. After completing its first project, GTA s team started developing new activities such as business management and procurement of steel products in the UK market and since September 2017 they have been heavily involved in brokerage activities in the commodity industry like copper, aluminium, cast iron products. Today GTA bring on the table partners that working together/for them in UK, Italy, Turkey, India and Africa countries.

HCS is active in Africa as a subsidiary of the Italian company So.Ge.Si. SpA, a national leader in the field of public and private health services for infection prevention and control related to assistance and safety in the operating room. Innovate in the health system through the outsourcing of support services, reducing costs, time and improving the quality of services, ensuring total security for our clients and demonstrating a high degree of professionalism through constant training and updating of the skills of our employees and the health facilities we serve. HCS is specialized in health care facilities by offering DISINFECTION and STERILIZATION high quality services.





CybLab (M)
Security Brokers (ITA)
Cosmoteck (TR)
Silensec (CY)


Schreber (CH)
Auriga (M)
UBI Banca (MAR)
Hedge Investment Capital (NL)


MCS Global (ITA)
Compass Dis Dicaret (TR)
PMI International (ITA)


Studio Arona (ITA)
Studio Lando (ITA)
Studio De Luca (ITA)
Eurodefi (MAR)


Protection Strategy DOO (SRB)
Vibeco (ITA)
Iavazzi Group (ITA)
Impresud (ITA)

Health Care

SoGeSi (ITA)
Sté Maroccaine de Sterilisation (MAR)


Global Industrial Business (ITA)


Pangea (ITA)
Espace Transit (MAR)


Headquarter – Casablanca (MAR)

Rahndo Consulting

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Branch – London (UK)

Global Trading Automation

Phone: +44 1908915788
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